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The UK's Leading Anti Bullying Production! Now in it's 10th year!

Next available Monday 18th September - Friday 17th November 2017

Touring UK schools for the past ten years, ‘Hope’ is a “Contemporary and Powerful” production that combines music and drama.  It tells the story of three young people who are all affected by bullying in different ways. 

"Hope" is the story of a beautiful and successful pop star returning to the town where she grew up for the first time in years.  A chance encounter between her and an old school acquaintance brings back painful memories of her childhood and the systematic abuse and bullying she suffered at the hands of a classmate.  It is a story of courage, self-empowerment and redemption.
The play, expertly delivered by professional actors, is informative, thought-provoking and entertaining and can be followed by up to two participatory workshops that encourage pupils to use decision making skills and ultimately decide the outcome of the play.

Benefits of the production:

(Specifically mobile phones, Facebook and other social networking sites)

Anti Bullying Production visits Stockwood Park AcademySuitable for Primary & Secondary Key Stage 2 & 3 although other year groups can be included depending on numbers.

A wonderful performance - a serious message delivered in a professional and highly competent manner. Superb acting with humour, which didn't detract from the serious message behind it all. Extremely realistic!

Damien Suiter - Assistant Headteacher

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How does hope fit into the curriculum?

Hope has been devised to integrate with both the English and Scottish school systems. Click here for details of Hope and the English schools system.
Click here for details of Hope and the Scottish schools system.

For further enquires or to book Hope please click here or use our freephone number 0800 158 3840 .


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