Reviews and Testimonials

We are delighted that so many staff and pupils feel motivated to send us such wonderful feedback and testimonials in response to seeing our productions. Below is just a small sample of the comments we have received.

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Christmas Pantomime Testimonials

We have had the pleasure of an annual visit from The TakeAway Theatre Company for many years as they never disappoint and as always, this year’s production of The Wizard of Oz was amazing. The children were mesmerised and became fully involved as an audience. Costumes and set design were very effective in the hands of brilliant actors who kept the children captivated.  We would highly recommend there performances to any one.

Joanne Swift, Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre, Barnsley.

The Take Away Theatre Company took us on a journey down the yellow brick road with Dorothy, her sidekicks - the scarecrow, lion, tin man and, of course the evil witch. This pantomime was fun, hilarious, lively and thoroughly entertaining. With a mixture of classic pantomime gags and up to date references and music, the show was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Both children and staff at Bankhead Primary would like to thank Take Away Theatre Company for making us laugh and for getting us ready for the festive season in style. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year. Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Miss J Livingston, Bankhead Primary School, Glasgow

A triumph with every child from Nursery to Year 6! The children were enthusiastic  and eager participants in ‘The Wizard of Oz’  and were engrossed from start to finish. A huge thank you to all the actors who threw themselves into a very energetic, all singing  and all dancing audience participation production. We have booked Take Away Theatre for several years now for our pantomime and will continue to do so. In comparison to transporting our children to the theatre Take Away represent fantastic value for money without compromising the experience.

Mrs Ruth Trainor (née Corrigan) Headteacher, Caldershaw Primary School

We had a great afternoon with your theatre group from the moment they arrived.  They were here in good time and were so helpful and co-operative as well as being great fun!  The show they put on was excellent – really professional and full of fun and music.  The children (and the staff) absolutely loved it! 

Having started having an ‘in school’ pantomime last year (instead of our usual trip to Birmingham) it is really the best thing we ever did!  We are already looking forward to next year and have our visit booked in already. Thank you all.

Liz Smith - Linrdridge St Lawrence Primary School, Worcestershire

Really brilliant!! Had the children engaged and staff said it was very enjoyable – looking forward to November and 'Jack and the Beanstalk' already!

Sandra Drew, St Michaels CofE Primary School, Kings Lynn

“It is always a wonderful experience for our pupils.  They love the songs, which are always up to date, they are encouraged to join in during the lively performance.  The pupils are always so engaged throughout the show.  Always here to set up in plenty time too so we are ready for a prompt start – super experience!”

Carol Irvine, Head Teacher, Fraserburgh South Park School

"Our pupils loved this production.  The characters were great and easy for the pupils to associate with.  The production was just the right duration to hold the pupils attention and the interactive parts were great.  We have booked for next year."

Linda Ritchie, Chirnside Primary School, December

"An excellent pantomime that worked for all year groups + teachers! It was very cleverly put together and original. Everyone had a great morning and the enthusiasm of the actors was exuberant. Thank you! Another excellent performance. We have already booked for next year.

Mrs Lynne Service, Headteacher - Banchory Primary School, Aberdeenshire

"Excellent performance, very up to date storyline, professional, humour was at the right level for children to understand. Enjoyed by all pupils and staff. Thank you very much :-)"

Comments from Cochrane Castle Primary School

"We all though the performance was brilliant. The use of scenery, music & lighting was superb & the staff loved the jokes! Children all loved it! Great to see the kids in a different light and enjoing every minute."

Claire White, Teacher - Southfield Primary School - Oakham

"A well-known story with a clear good/evil message. All pupils from P1 - P7 were engrossed in the performance. Final song involved all pupils in a modern song/dance whole school experience. Excellent value."

Pauline Moriarty - St Sophias Primary School, Glasgow

Hope Testimonials

The performance was expertly delivered and addressed some complex and hard hitting issues ranging from verbal, physical, emotional and cyber bullying to difficult home life’s and domestic violence. The actors played a number of different roles and skillfully merged the hard hitting messages with moments of audience involvement in an entertaining manner.

The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive and it was fantastic to hear that many students could transfer elements of the ‘Hope’ story to their own personal situations and life experiences.

Northampton School For Boys

Everybody really loved the play. A clear message with lots to discuss afterwards. Very engaging and funny. The workshops were interactive and very thought provoking.

Jenny Shirley - South Benfleet School

The performance was excellent and all four cast members kept the children engaged throughout the whole time. The pupil interaction went down very well. Overall Excellent!

Adam Williams - St Peters Catholic School

The children enjoyed the play. It was clear from watching them that they found the content to be relevant. At times the play was funny but in other moments it brought out a lot of emotion from the audience. The workshop was very well managed, and gave the audience a lot of opportunities to discuss the thought provoking play they had seen. The overall package met all of our objectives and more.

Jamie Olney - Sherrington Primary School, Greenwich

The story was very believable. Both sad and at times funny. It was all very well acted. The workshop explored why people might behave the way they do which was really useful. Thank you.

Clive Moody - Werrington School, Peterborough

Very thought-provoking for both children and adults. It was a very relevant topic, performed with humour appropriate to the age groups present. I am confident it will help the pupils to develop empathy and understanding. It was also good that the performance and workshops were interactive.

Mrs A Groom - St Jospehs RC Primary School, Kent

High standard of performance that held the pupils attention throughout. The story was relevant and pupils could clearly relate to it. It provoked a good discussion and allowed children to explore different forms of bullying and its impact.

Richard Clark, Headteacher, Kingsley CP School, Cheshire

Very Effective. Catered for all ages. Most enjoyable as well as educational. The pupils and staff were fully engaged.

Mrs Evelyn Steele. Whithorn Primary School, Dumfries and Galloway

Excellent production, cast fully engaged with pupils. The contemporary subject matter was very relevant and thought provoking. Pupils were able to identify with the characters and their roles.

Elizabeth McMahon - Our Lady and St Francis Primary School, North Lanarkshire

"An excellent performance about an incredibly delicate issue. 'Hope' had so many elements: entertainment, fun, talent and a 'ray of Hope'. I was gripped. I recommend this to all Key Stage 2 Departments."

Mrs Sally Massey, Year 5/6 Teacher/Arts Coordinator

"A wonderful performance - a serious message delivered in a professional and highly competent manner. Superb acting with humour, which didn't detract from the serious message behind it all. Extremely realistic!"

Damien Suiter - Assistant Headteacher

"I thought the performance was outstanding! It had been very well planned and put together to get the messages across to our children. I found it hard to take my eyes off the performance but when I did the children's eyes were glued too. The acting was really great which helped the children to engage for so long".

"Excellent play ALL children engaged extremely well! All the actors were very, VERY good!"

"Absolutely fantastic!"

Primary School Teachers at Castledyke Primary School - North Lincolnshire

What the children thought!

"The audience involvement was really good". Chelsea
"I like how it flashed back in time to show exactly what happened at school" . Abi
"The best performance we've had in school" . Alex
"A very important message". Donna
"A good message behind great entertainment" . Reece
"Hope's singing was excellent". Megan
"Hope did the right thing standing up for herself and he deserved to win the competition" Jazzmine

Tam O'Shanter Testimonials

"Hi there, I am a supply teacher and I was lucky enough to see your performance of Tam O'Shanter at Catrine Primary School, on the morning of Thursday 24th September 2009. You were excellent! You even held the infants attention for your full show - which is no mean feat. The content was ideally pitched for all, from infants to teachers, and was educational as well as great fun. I've passed on your details to as many of my teaching colleagues as I can. I hope they book you; if they don't, they'll be missing out".

Alan Conway. BEd - Teacher

The Velveteen Rabbit Testimonials

We have received incredible feedback for this show, and many wonderful testimonials. Below we have included just a few of the comments passed to us by children and teachers.

"A superb performance and relevant to year group. Excellent acting and singing ~ all helped to portray a beautiful story. Both actors were extremely professional polite and friendly; a pleasure to have in our school. Many thanks for a fantastic performance.

M Morgan - Wyken Croft Primary School

"We all enjoyed the singing and acting. The children were truly memorized by the actors' singing. Fantastic! Thank you!

Mrs Early - Mablethorpe Nursery and Primary School

"The play was very much enjoyed by all the children in the audience. (years R-6). The interpretation of the story made it accessible for all the ages present. All the songs were enjoyed - particularly when the children got to join in! The two actors created wonderful atmosphere which made the play both moving and fun!"

Sandie Pare - The Meadows Primary