Hope and the English School System

This theatre performance followed by a participatory workshop has been devised in collaboration with educational consultants and is suitable for pupils at Key Stages 2 and 3 ideally Years 5 - 8 (although other year groups may be included if numbers permit).

The project uses the issue of Bullying to explore Emotional and Social Health issues of Relationships, Decision-making and Friendship by promoting good behaviour and respect for others.  It underlines the message contained in Safe to Learn: Embedding Anti-Bullying Work in Schools, DCSF Sep 2007 where it is recognised that,

‘Providing a safe and happy leaning environment is integral to achieving the wider objectives of school improvement: raising attainment; improving school attendance; promoting equality and diversity; and ensuring the well-being of all members of the school community’


It can be used as a stimulus for engaging pupils in the process of developing an anti-bullying policy and encourage preventative strategic action.

Every Child Matters – The 5 Outcomes

‘Hope’ will enhance these outcomes in particular:

Mentally and emotionally healthy

Safe from bullying and discrimination
Safe from crime and anti-social behaviour

Attend and enjoy school

Engage in decision-making
Engage in law-abiding and positive behaviour
Develop positive relationships and choose not to bully or discriminate
Develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant changes and challenges

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